Starting in 2012, our founder, Ryno Beck, decided to split away from his previous agency to create a
new and improved property agency that is committed to providing excellent service across Cape

The concept of the oak tree came as an inspiration to help people build and establish their
Helping you do that, we build a lasting relationship filled with understanding and compassion for
your needs.
Because we invest in your growth, we are committed for life. 
Each tree and its roots are so unique. 
It is fitting as we strive to find you, whether it is a rental, sale or purchase, a package as unique as your
needs. Dealing in your roots, it is fundamental in growth going forward. Therefore, we strive for
accuracy on all levels to leave no room for error.

With our staff, we seek to cultivate an environment that is optimal for growth, both professionally and
personally. Our unique combination of passion and inclusivity hopes to create an ideal environment
for everyone to perfect their skills and work together to deliver our best always. Our team, like the
year rings of an oak tree, have over 90 years’ cumulative experience in property industry ranging from
rental properties, commercial to developments. We also always striving to be at the top of our game and
better our qualifications to ensure the best service is delivered. Our team strives to tackle every
situation with the same level of courage and presence as one could say an oak has.